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What we have learned from this pandemic crisis

Human beings are members of a whole

In creation of one essence and a soul

If one member is afflicted with pain

Other members uneasy will remain

My Stepdad, Dana read this very famous poem from the great Persian Poet, Sa’adi Shirazi a few days ago when my mom, Mina and I were talking about the positive aspects of Coronavirus

We were tired of hearing bad and negative news about this problem so we decided to talk about the bright side of this global problem.

When I was talking about how Coronavirus made parents to stay home and spend more time with their children, my mom said: why don’t you write down the positive aspects of this global challenge so we can remember to see the positive results in every problem, for negative ones we have enough media!

I thought it would be a good idea to write a letter to Coronavirus and talk about what it has taught us.

This letter is the collection of some ideas that we talked about that night.

Dear Coronavirus,

We are not happy to have you as an uninvited guest to our planet home since we have lost thousands of our loved ones and millions of jobs all over the world, but I want to share my ideas that what we have learned from your presence in this 4 months.

We humans have proved that we don’t really learn a lesson until we feel a more powerful force that makes us to learn our lessons.

we lose our time, money, energy, health, relationships and sometimes our life to learn some important lessons in our life.

You came into our life to teach us the most important lessons of life:

You taught us that when there is a global problem in the world, no matter what our gender, color, belief, past, present and future is, it can hurt all of us, so we need to be less selfish and more considerate.

You taught us that we can be destroyed by our hands, we can destroy the pale blue dot; earth, the only home we have so far by over production and over consumption. you gave a chance to our home to breath and heal itself again even for a short time.  there are enough sources for all of us if we share it with others, so let’s consume less and be more generous.

You taught us that having 5G internet connection will not make us more connected, it only connects more things faster than before so it’s better to have less connections but stay more connected.

You taught us that children and most parents don’t need to get up at 7.00 in the morning and spend hours in traffic to go to a school or work. they can spend more hours together and still learn and practice more skills at home, and parents can do their work online, so let’s spend less hours in traffic and more with our families.

You taught us that our ancient beliefs can be wrong no matter if we keep them for thousands of years. you showed us that gods are unable to fight with the power of nature and no place or person is so important that you cannot infect them. so let’s be less follower and think more critical.

You taught us that the only thing that works and these days everyone is waiting for its discoveries is the science. we now understand that in this age of information, ignorance is a choice so let’s be less ignorant and more educated.

You taught us that women can manage the crisis and global challenges better, because they are mothers and naturally futurists who can see and understand the futures much better. it is the time now to trust women and have less male politicians and more female leaders

You taught us that studying about futures can be more important than just focusing on the past. the future is no longer the same as our past so let’s focus less on the past and create the best futures for all.

Dear Coronavirus,

If we really learn our lessons you have taught us above I should say that you will no longer be our guest in our planet home, otherwise you will unfortunately stay here with us and we will pay for it.

Looking forward to your departure from Earth.




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