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My name is Arsam. I was born in 2008 in Iran, when the world was going through one of the biggest economic recessions in the history.

My mother named me after the son of Darius the great, the king of Persian empire.

Arsam means strong and it seemed the world had a plan to test me whether I can be like my name or not. The first big shock in my early life was when my father left me and my mom, since he was a psychopath and addicted to drugs and he never came back again, literally I never saw my father!.

My mom had no supporter and she brought me up single-handedly in a very tough situation.

The second shock was when I was 7, because of some problems that I might talk about it later, my mom decided to immigrate to another country. we left our country and became a refugee in Turkey.

My mom was alone and she worked very hard and I just could see her 1 hour a day and even sometimes less.

I couldn’t go to school and my mom taught me at home. I just had a small tablet and a slow internet, that was all I had and I tried to learn English by watching youtube videos.

Life was not easy for us until 2 years ago that a man named Dana Ibrahim (Marduk)  came to our life and since then everything changed. He was a member of WFSF and started teaching me English and a lot of topics about the Future, Technologies and Science.

I was fascinated by Science and Technologies and tried to learn as much as I can.

It was about 2 months ago that he told me that I can be a member of WFSF and start studying about Futures Studies more in details. He talked to Victor V. Motti the Director of WFSF and after some negotiations with the President of WFSF, Dr. Erik Overland, I was accepted as the youngest member of WFSF.

I have to thank my Mom, Mina for all the years she devoted her life to teach me and also Dana, Victor and Erik that gave the opportunity to make my dreams come true.

I am so passionate about learning more about FUTURES and also teach other children how to create the preferable futures for the world.

My mom(Mina), Dana and I are now working on a project to create a platform Called “Generation Z Futurists” to educate and teach children about Futures Studies all around the world.

I would like to ask you to share your ideas and suggestions with us to make this project work for all the children around the world and LET THE DREAMS COME TRUE.

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