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What is Gen Z Futurists Movement and Platform

Gen Z Futurists is a Future Edutainment System which is trying to DISRUPT the current education system.

our MTP(Massive Transformative Purpose) is to DISRUPT education system and teach 1 billion children about futures thinking and help them to become the futurists and great leaders of the world.

The current education system

A vast majority of education systems around the world are failed systems based on more tan a century ago factory systems which wanted to prepare children to work in factories. Actually it was a powerful system back then but the problem is most of the schools and universities are following the same form and routines after a Century.

The education system during and after the industrial revolution was designed for a linear world and environment not a VUCA world and an exponential environment we are living in the 21st Century.

The whole aim of education is to prepare children for the future which they will live and work in so NOW it is the time to disrupt this system and prepare children for the future, today!

Despite many failed education systems There are many successful education systems all around the world which should not be ignored.

Waldorf education system (read more here) is one of those systems that has been around for more than 100 years and has changed our mind about what a successful education system should be.

We in Gen Z Futurists movement believe that NOW in 2020 is the time to even disrupt the best education system.

How Gen Z Futurists work?

Gen Z Futurists is an organization (also a movement and a platform) based on Exponential Organizations system (read more here) which is using all 11 attributes of an EXO.

our Future Edutainment system can be used by all kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities all around the world.

To give you an idea about the scale of work we are doing and comparing it with a non-exponential organizations consider Waldorf education system which has only 1000 schools, 100 years after its foundation in 1919!

according to our MTP we want to take our Future Edutainment system to hundreds of thousands of schools all around the world by 2030.

We do not offer an education system since we do not believe in education alone.

new generations, Z and Alpha have been using mobile and tablet connected to the internet being able to be a digital citizen from their early life. they have started to know the world through games, videos and entertaining mobile applications so they are not going to enjoy the current education system which is based on boring books, activities and stupid learning evaluation programs.

Some Schools have tried to use gamification in their education system which is valuable but still cannot engage students in effective learning as our edutainment system.

Gen Z Futurists as an Edutainment System

Gen Z Futurists is an Edutainment system (30% education + 70% entertainment) which uses the latest technologies (AI, VR, AR, 3D Printing) to teach futures literacy and thinking as well as practical skills to prepare the next generations for the future in this VUCA world.

Our first plan is to introduce Futures Thinking to all schools and later establish our special edutainment system in all schools around the world.

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