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Andrew Vorster’s Interview with Arsam on The Future of Education

The Future of Education

Do you think the current education system (wherever you live in the world) adequately prepares children for the future of life and work? Should it? Do you think children will still “go to school” 100 years from now? Why?

These are just some of the questions I’m asking children, adults, parents and educators to provide their opinion on in the anonymous survey here(Please click on the link to open the survey in a new window and please be rest assured that NO personal data, signup OR email is required – I’m not building a list of any kind – I just genuinely want opinions).

I have committed to contribute a chapter on “The Future of Education” for a collaborative book project called “The Future Starts Now” co-ordinated by Theo Priestly and Bronwyn Williams that will be published by Bloomsbury Publishing. The project is designed to get everyone thinking about the futures we don’t want to live in as well as those we want to create and perhaps accelerate.

As a “Fractional Futurist” I spend the bulk of my time tracking changes in TIPS (Technologies, Innovations, Patents and Startups) in order to help people and organisations understand the impacts and implications of change and envision multiple possible, probable and plausible futures such that they might begin to build towards a preferable future of their choosing.

I personally have a strong opinion about the way education might be delivered in the future and I have previously shared a partial glimpse of this in a short story submitted as a chapter to another collaborative book project I was involved in back in 2018 (I’m happy to share my chapter with you for free if you drop me an email using the “hello” link at the bottom of the page – but only AFTER you have anonymously shared your opinion in the survey linked above as I don’t want to taint your views 😏).  This time around, I plan to dive a bit deeper and I am soliciting input from as many different people as I can in order to help shape the narrative of the story that will emerge.

One of the first interviews I completed as research for this project was with 12 year old Arsam Matin aka “Arsam Futurist“, the first and youngest member of  the World Future Studies Federation (WFSF) and co-founder of Gen Z Futurists. Born in Iran in 2008, becoming a refugee in Turkey at age 7 and now living in Kurdistan, Arsam was originally home-schooled by his mother (Mina) until she met Dana Marduk (Ibrahim) a few years ago. Dana has had a major impact on Arsam’s life by introducing him to the concepts of future studies and fuelling his passion for personal learning and development. Arsam is tri-lingual (plus currently learning a 4th language) and incredibly articulate, with a grasp on the current challenges faced by the world both now and in the future that far exceeds his peers that spend their days attending traditional schools – not bad for someone that has never set foot in a traditional school for a single day in his life! The goal of Gen Z Futurists is to completely disrupt the current education system and their ambition over the next 10 years is to get 1 billion people to join their platform and share knowledge and skills across the world.


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