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A Report on Arsam and Gen Z Futurists Movement on YAHOO! Japan

 ”It’s not our adults who decide our future. We are ourselves.”

 Movement among teenagers to learn “Future Studies,” a study that seeks the path to a desirable future, is beginning to spread.

 The World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF ) , an international organization made up of futurists, has recently created a new framework, WFSF Junior, with members under the age of 18.

 At the center of the game are 12-year-old Arsam and other children called Generation Z. Arsam also offered the same generation the opportunity to use futuristics in social issues such as education and the natural environment in the future, while taking advantage of the inability to go to school. The first WFSF Junior World Tournament will be held in 2022, and we are looking for comrades.

Gen Z Alsam (Courtesy of WFSF)
Gen Z Alsam (Courtesy of WFSF)

Missing Father

 Arsam was born in 2008 in Iran. His father, who said he was “drown in drugs,” lost his mother, Mina, and Arsam when he was young.

 Growing up in a complex home environment, he began living in Turkey with his mother at the age of seven. She said that she spent less time with her mother working from morning until night. I couldn’t go to school, but “small tablet terminal and slow internet” was a study tool. I looked at YouTube and learned English, PC skills, and “contradiction of society”.

 Generation Z is a child born after the late 1990s and grew up familiar with the internet and smartphones since childhood. He is also known as the “digital native”, and is particularly good at connecting and communicating with the same generation and society through SNS. Taking full advantage of IT skills, “It can play a more important role in shaping the future than other generations,” says Arsam.

 In that respect, it is different from generation Y (including millennials born in the 1980s) and generation X (generation X).

Stepfather who taught futurology

 Two years ago, he started his life with his stepfather, Dana, when he started studying futuristic studies. Dana, who was also a member of the WFSF, taught me a lot about futurology and related knowledge.

 He says that not being able to go to school was “not sad” because Mina and Dana took the place of the teacher in addition to the Internet. Having a lot of time to study on my own made me think “it was a great opportunity”.

 In the face of adversity, while studying about the world’s inaccessibility to school and talking with friends at school, he said, “ Schools are spending too much time inputting information that will be useless in five or ten years. But they don’t really teach them useful skills. “

 When I first started studying futurology, my friends thought, “Is it going to be a fortune-teller?” Arsam explains the appeal of futurology as “helping to understand the different aspects of the future and providing tools for building a better future.”

 Of the myriad possible futures, systematically consider what is likely to be probable, what is preferred or not, and plan for the future. Being prepared is one of the significance of futurology.

Futurology for solving world problems

 ”There are unpleasant problems in the world, such as climate change and hunger.”

 It is said that Gen Zers, who are worried, are worried that the problems in the piled-up world are already getting worse when they grow up.

 ”I want to solve these problems using the rules of futurology and make a better future. Rather than just waiting for the future to happen,” he says with emphasis.

 Of particular interest is educational change. “Even though change and technological progress are curvilinear and exponential, the educational system is linear,” he said, saying that education should be radically reconsidered. His experiences and thoughts that he could not receive education are reflected strongly. “Gen X and Y shouldn’t make important decisions for Gen Z. Gen Z grows up in a completely different world than its predecessors, and thinks quite differently.”

Spreading futuristic studies to children around the world

 That’s why Arsam joined the WFSF as the youngest Futurist and became a member of the first WFSF Junior.

 Futurist, which is translated as “futurist”, “futurist”, “futurist”, etc., is an unfamiliar word, but if futurism spreads in the future, it has the potential to generalize.

 Futurist is famous for Sakyo Komatsu, who is known for science fiction novels such as “Sinking in Japan”, and Alvin Tofler who wrote “Shock of the Future” and “The Third Wave”. Advocate of “Singularity” (Singularity) in recent years, Ray Kurzweil and, before the article appeared in the James data , such as Michio Kaku Japanese US physicist who is referred to as the Futurist.

From Gen Z Futurists website
From Gen Z Futurists website

 He called on children of his generation to “ learn futurism, bring their voices to governments and influence decisions, ” and set up a group of young futurists, Gen Z Futurists. Raised.

 The initiative has just begun, but you should be afraid. It may become a big wave in the future.

Arsam Matin

Born in Iran in 2008. Currently living in Kurdistan(North of Iraq).

Alsam interviewed by WFSF director Victor Moti (right) (courtesy of WFSF)
Arsam interviewed by WFSF director Victor Motti (right) (courtesy of WFSF)

( Translated and re-edited the WFSF interview published in January this year with permission . Titles omitted)

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