2020 GOALS


Hi everybody.
Happy new year 2020!

I wish you the best in the new year and hope to achieve all your goals this year. today i have some good news for gen z futurists and also want to share my goals in 2020 with you.
My most important goal in 2020 is to spread the gen z futurists movement and introduce this platform to children and generation z all over the world. in order to do this i have the following plans:
1. teaching gen z about future based on peter bishop’s play book the future thinking and help them to have a general idea about who is a futurist and why gen z should become futurists in order to create a better future for themselves and the world we live in.
2. start a podcast about future and and teach generation z about futures studies, future of technologies, future of education and work and many more interesting topics
3. interviewing well know futurists and discussing generation z challenges and opportunities in the next decade.
4. inviting and encouraging parents and their children to join wfsf and helping generation z to learn about futures studies
5. having monthly online events for gen z futurists platform members to have discussion on the topics we already had in the podcast
6. teaching gen z futurists about global grand challenges and talk about possible solutions and what every individual can do about them
7. teaching generation z about future of work and what skills we should learn in order to prepare ourselves for the job market in the next 5 to 10 years

and finally I want to invite all professional futurists around the world to support my gen z futurists platform to teach the future futurists!

happy new year again and let the dreams come true

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